Data migration


What did we do?

We carried out an optimal migration of data in the Taringa platform. We also updated it and improved its performance.

It’s worth noting both the large data volume involved and the validation of an accurate migration that displayed transparency to the users.

Migration and updating of the database

We were able to unify the data model and the information which also allowed us to migrate to a more updated database engine with a subsequent better performance. 

Furthermore, we dispensed with some data conversion services that were greatly increasing our client’s operational costs.


The challenge

To perform a data migration in Taringa's platform. This could not be easily performed with database tools since the data models were incompatible and required transformations and/or adaptations for their proper functioning.


What had they tried previously and what was our proposal?

They attempted the migration from an infrastructure perspective and failed. We diagnosed the situation and concluded that the development of a migration process was needed, it had to cover both the intake and stabilization of the data of origin as well as its adaptation in order to be migrated to the new data model.


Developing a solution

A work team was established, composed of 1 Project Manager, 1 Database Analyst and 2 Developers. We worked together to establish infrastructure and data needs as well as business parameters. We then proceeded to establish objectives and the migration sequence that would allow the business to continue operating. We continuously executed and validated the 10 work milestones that had been set.

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